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Welcome to my effort to document the Hercules and MVS 3.8 environment on a PC.

The basis for this effort is the Turnkey MVS 3.8J distribution by Volker Bandke.  You may obtain this distribution Volker Bandke's site, or order a copy from The CBT Tape MVS Freeware Home Page.

This is a work in progress.  It will always be changing (as time permits).  Most of this will be from memory of over 35 years ago when I worked as a systems programmer.  

MVS systems programming still has the same basic structure but has been made both simpler and more complicated in today OS/390 and Z/OS worlds.  

If you find this site helpful to you, please let me know.  If you want to help with your own documentation or links to your own site, let me know too. 

I did gather a lot of this work from other people sites.  Please review the credits page and the bottom of each page for sources of information.

This WEB site is available for download in ZIP format.  I hope this will allow you to work offline and more efficiently.  All you will have to do is un-zip the files into a new folder on your system and point your browser to it.  Please note that some features of FrontPage require server extensions to work.  One example is the search routines.  You will not be able to use search without using a Web server that has installed the FrontPage extensions.

5 April 2003, I have updated the web site to allow direct download of the zip file from the online location.  Hope this helps everyone.

I hope you enjoy this documentation.  Please contribute if you can.

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