JES2 Cmd Cheat Sheet

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This is a Cheat Sheet of JES2 Commands!

Release All Jobs

Release Jobs

Release Queue

Logically Backspace A Device

 Cancel Automatic Commands

Cancel Job

Cancel Device Activity

Display Active Jobs

Display Forms

Display Initiators

Display Jobs

Display Message

Display Job Names

Display Operator Requests

Display Number of Queued Jobs

Display Units

 Restart Job

Restart Device Activity

Restart JES2/VTAM Interface

Restart Jobs From a Failed System

Logically Advance Device

Hold All Jobs

Hold Jobs

Hold Job Queues

Interrupt Device

List Job Output

List System Status

 Repeat Output Processing

Release/Cancel Output

Stop JES2 Processing

Stop Initiators

Stop JES2

Purge Job

Stop Device

Stop Remote Terminal

Purge Output  Queue

Route Job Output

Start System Activity

Start Automatic Command Processing

Start Initiator

Start JES2/VTAM Interface

Start Device

Start Remote Terminal

 Set Automatic Command

Delete Automatic Command

Set System Affinity



Set Initiator

Set Job

Set Reader

Set Punch

Set Printer

Set Remote 

Set System

            Set OS Console

Set JES2/VTAM Interface

Set Line

Set Base Job Number

Set Console List Level

Set Message Routing

 Issue VS Command

Halt Automatic Commands

Halt Initiators

Halt Device

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