SMP Control Cards

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Control Card




Tells SMP to put the modification onto the distribution libraries



Tells SMP to put the modification onto the target libraries



Lists the status of the SMP system



Initial process for modifications to the SMP controlled software



Removes the modification from SMP control



Sets the return code within SMP processing



Sets a number of environments within SMP





++CLISTIdentifies a TSO CLIST



Identifies that JCL should be analyzed to create the proper dependencies in the control data set



A macro replacement follows



A macro update (IEBUPDTE control statements)



An object module


++PROCIdentified a Catalogued Procedure (PROC)



Defines an IBM or vendor modification to controlled software



A source replacement



A source update (IEBUPDTE control statements)



Defines a user medication to controlled software



This verifies the status of the software you want to change



IMASPZAP control statements






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