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Data Sets

SMP is basically a large application program that uses the MVS compilers and utilities to maintain software.  To this end, SMP has a number of data sets that have been established to maintain the software images.  These data sets contain the controlling database for software inventories, the libraries that hold the executing software, work files, and hold areas for work in progress.  The following table identifies the normal SMP data sets.  Note that other vendors may add data sets to the list as they install new products.




Dataset Type


SMPCSIConsolidated Software Inventory - a database of SYSMODs, datasets, etc, under SMP's controlA PDS

Always required.

SMPCNTLInput data set that contains the SMP control cardsCard-image dataset.

Always required

SMPPTFINInput dataset containing SYSMODS to be RECEIVEdCard-image dataset


SMPHOLDInput dataset containing HOLDDATA to be RECEIVEd Card-image dataset


SMPOUTSMP message file where reports are printedSYSOUT dataset

Always required.

SMPRPTSMP report fileSYSOUT dataset


SMPLISTSMP output from the LIST commandSYSOUT dataset


SYSPRINTPrint file for SMP invoked utilities (compiler, zap, LKED)SYSOUT dataset

Always required.

SMPPUNCHSMP file for punched outputCard-image output file


SMPLOGHistory logSequential dataset.

Always required.

SMPLOGAAlternate history logSequential dataset

Always required.

SMPPTSPTF temporary store - used to hold RECEIVEd SYSMODsCard-image partitioned dataset


SMPMTSMacro temporary store - intermediate library for storage of macros which are updated or replaced by an APPLY but do not reside in a target libraryCard-image partitioned dataset


SMPSTSSource temporary store - like SMPMTS, but for source which is updated/replaced by an APPLY and does not reside in a target libraryCard-image partitioned dataset


SMPTLIBsTemporary libraries used to hold SYSMODs RECEIVEd from RELFILEs on tapePartitioned datasets




Work and scratch datasets used by utilities invoked by SMPTemporary files


TLIBTarget library - contains the code of one or more of the software products under SMP's control - DDNAME generally corresponds to low-level qualifier of dataset namePartitioned dataset


DLIBDistribution library - contains components required to rebuild members of target libraries if a change to the target library needs to be backed out - DDNAME generally corresponds to low-level qualifier of dataset namePartitioned dataset



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