SMP Examples

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This section will provide examples of how to use SMP to install MVS operating system modifications.  Two simple examples will be used to demonstrate the capacities of SMP.  The first is a simple ZAP to the display units module to reduce the number of UCBs displayed from 255 to 8.  The second is the installation of SMF exit IEFU83 (the exit decides if an SMF record is to be written to the SMF data set).

1.1.1      SMP Example 1 ZAP Display Module

A number of installations have installed this modification to make the operator console display easier to read.  The command changes the default number of units to be displaced on the following command.

D U,,,100,x were x defaults to 255.  After this USERMOD is APPLIED the default for the command will be one (1).




1.1.2      SMP Example 2 Install SMF Exit




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