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Purpose: Use the CANCEL command to end an active job, started task, or time-sharing user immediately.

C {jobname      }[,DUMP][,A=asid
    {U=userid    }





The name of the batch job, started task to be canceled.

The name of a started task is determined based on whether the JOBNAME= keyword was specified on the START command

The user ID of the time-sharing user you want to cancel.

If the user is just logging on and does not yet have a unique name, you must find out the address space identifier for the user running, see A=asid below.


The user ID of the time-sharing user you want to cancel.


The identifier for the unit of work that you want to cancel, optionally preceded by the job name.


A dump is to be taken. The type of dump (SYSABEND, SYSUDUMP, or SYSMDUMP) depends on the JCL for the job. r CANCEL parameters.


The hexadecimal address space identifier of the work unit you 


Unit address of the mount that is to be canceled or the writer that is to be canceled

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