Display SLIP Trap Information

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 Display SLIP Trap Information

Purpose: Use the DISPLAY SLIP command to display information about SLIP traps.

D SLIP[=xxxx][,L={a|cc|cca|name|name-a}]



Indicates that the system is to display summary information about SLIP traps or detailed information about one SLIP trap (message IEE735I).


The system is to display detailed information about the SLIP trap associated with the identifier xxxx. If you do not specify xxxx, the system lists all the SLIP traps in the system and tells whether each trap is enabled or disabled.

Where asterisks replace any or all of the four characters of xxxx, the system displays all SLIP traps whose identifiers match the non-asterisk characters in xxxx. If you specify fewer than four characters, the xxxx is padded on the right with blanks. A matching identifier must have blanks in those positions.

The asterisks allow you to group your SLIP traps by common characters and display them as a group.

L=a, cc, cca, name, or name-a

Specifies the display area (a), console (cc), both (cca), console name (name), or both (name-a) where the display will be presented. For cc, you must specify a decimal number from 1 to 99.

If you omit this operand, the display is presented in the first available display area or the message area of the console through which you enter the command (unless routing instructions are in effect; see the MSGRT command later in this chapter).

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