Display SMF

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Display SMF

Purpose: Use the DISPLAY SMF command to display SMF data.




Indicates that the status of SMF data sets or the SMF options in effect are to be displayed (message IEE967I).

S Indicates that SMF data set names and their status are to be displayed.

O Indicates that current SMF options are to be displayed.

L=a, cc, cca, name, or name-a

Specifies the display area (a), console (cc), both (cca), console name (name), or both (name-a) where the display will be presented. For cc, you must specify a decimal number from 1 to 99.

If you omit this operand, the display is presented in the first available display area or the message area of the console through which you enter the command (unless routing instructions are in effect; see the MSGRT command later in this chapter).

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