K N - Control Console PFKs

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Control N

Purpose:  Manage the PFK definition for this MCS contols.

 K N,PFK={(nn1{,CMD='text[;text]...'})[,CON={Y|N}] }
        {    {,KEY=nn2[,nn2]...    }              }
        {                                         }



A PFK command definition is to be altered.


The number of the PFK being defined. The nn1 value must be the number of a PFK designated for command entry at system installation


The text of one or more commands is to be associated with PFK nn1.


The text of the operator’s commands to be associated with PFK nn1. Up to 110 characters can be included within the quotes. If more than one command is to be associated with a PFK, the commands must be separated by a semicolon. Do not put a semicolon after the last command.

Text characters can be entered in upper or lower case; the system converts all characters to uppercase. A command that must be entered lowercase, such as a reply to a WTOR, cannot be entered using the PFK command entry function.

Note: Text characters should not contain sensitive or secure data (such as passwords).


The commands associated with other PFKs are to be associated with nn1.


The number(s) of the PFK whose commands are to be associated with PFK nn1. Up to 54 key numbers (numbers can be repeated) can be included in the list. Separate key numbers with a comma.

Note: You cannot nest the lists of keys. That is, a PFK defined as a list of PFKs cannot be included in a list of keys assigned to another PFK.

For example, if PFK 5 is associated with a list of keys (such as KEY=3,4), and you attempt to associate PFK 6 with a list of keys that includes PFK 5 (such as KEY=1,2,5), the system rejects the request.


Specifies whether conversational mode of command entry is in effect.

Y Conversational mode of command entry is to be in effect.

N Conversational mode of command entry is not to be in effect (non-conversational mode of command entry is to be in effect). If CON is not specified, CON=N is assumed.


The name of the PFK table that contains the commands that define the PFKs for a console.

L=cc or name

The console whose PFKs are to be defined by the PFK table you specify. The issuing console is the default.

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