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Use the MONITOR command to display jobnames, data set status, and time-sharing user sessions continuously, and to add certain information to mount and demount messages.


  1. To stop the MONITOR display, use the STOPMN command.

  2. The monitor display ends when the specified MCS console is varied offline. The operator must re-issue the MONITOR command when the MCS console is restarted.

  3. To receive MONITOR displays after the MCS console is switched, re-issue the MONITOR command on the new MCS console.

  4. To route MONITOR displays to a specific console, use the MSGRT command.  Otherwise, the display appears at the console at which you entered the command.

  5. The DSNAME and SPACE operands are not routable.


The complete syntax for the MONITOR command is:

 MN {JOBNAMES[,T][,L={a|cc|cca|name|name-a}] }
   {DSNAME                                  }
   {SPACE                                   }
   {STATUS[,L={a|cc|cca|name|name-a}]       }
   {SESS[,T][,L={a|cc|cca|name|name-a}]     }



MN {JOBNAMES[,T][,L={a|cc|cca|name|name-a}] }



{STATUS[,L={a|cc|cca|name|name-a}] }

{SESS[,T][,L={a|cc|cca|name|name-a}] }


The parameters are:


The system is to display the name of each job when the job starts and terminates, and display unit record allocation when the step starts. If a job terminates abnormally, the job name appears in a diagnostic message.


The system is to display, in mount messages, the name of the first non-temporary data set allocated on the volume to which the messages refer.

No data set name appears in messages for data sets with a disposition of



The system is to display, in demount messages, the available space on the

direct access volume.

4-298 OS/390 V2R10.0 MVS System Commands


The system is to display the data set names and volume serial numbers of data

sets with dispositions of KEEP, CATLG, or UNCATLG whenever they are freed.


The system is to display the user identifier for each TSO terminal when the session is initiated and when it is terminated. If the session terminates abnormally, the user identifier appears in the diagnostic message.

T The system is to display the time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) along with the user identifier or job name information. When specified, T is activated for all consoles that have MONITOR turned on.

L=a, cc, cca, name, or, name-a

The console id or name where the system is to present the display. If you omit this operand, the console on which the MONITOR command is entered is assumed.


To display on console 3 (and on all other consoles where the MONITOR jobnames command has been issued) the job name information and the time when each job starts and terminates, enter:

MN jobnames,T,L=3

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