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 PA {[PAGE=]}{dsname[,dsname]...}
   {SWAP=  }


The parameters are:


The name of one or more page data sets to be added. If dsname is not the name of a page data set, the system issues message IEE782I.


The name of one or more page data sets to be added. The system is not to use these added page data sets to receive VIO pages.


PAGEADD adds auxiliary storage space (local page data sets) to the system. The page data sets added remain available to the system until you IPL with the CLPA (create link pack area) option, IPL with the CVIO (clear virtual I/O) option, or issue a PAGEDEL command. PAGEADD can also direct VIO pages away from a page data set that is being added.

Use the PAGEADD command only at the request of your system programmer.

You might need to add auxiliary storage space if any of these conditions exist:

The planned system load increases.

The space provided during system initialization proves insufficient.

Space is lost because of a hardware failure.

If the system detects a shortage of available auxiliary storage space, it issues the following message:


The system rejects LOGONs and START commands until the shortage is relieved.

If the shortage increases, the system issues the following message:


The system rejects LOGONs and START commands and might delay the starting of certain initiators until the shortage is relieved.

Requested data sets are placed in use in the order specified in the command. The system informs you when each is available for use.

The number of page data sets that can be in use by the system is limited by the number specified on the PAGTOTL system parameter. (See OS/390 MVS Initialization and Tuning Guide.) If these limits are exceeded, the system issues a message, and you cannot add any more data sets of that type during this IPL.

However, if the limit has been exceeded for one type of data set, you could still add data sets of the other type.

The page data sets must be defined before you can issue the PAGEADD command. If the volume containing the data set is not mounted before you enter the command, the system issues a mount message.

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