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Purpose: Use the RESET command to:

Force a hung MCS console into the offline state


RESET Command

RESET CN "Forcing a Hung MCS Console Offline"


The syntax for each variation of the RESET command is shown immediately preceding its respective parameter list.


Forcing a Hung MCS Console Offline

Thee are two forms of the RESET command. Use the following form to force a hung MCS console into the offline state.

E [CN(consname)]


Specifies the hung MCS console device that the system is to force into the offline state. The console name can be 2 to 8 characters in length.

After issuing the RESET CN command, you might need to vary the console between the offline state and the console state to complete device recovery. Issue this command only after exhausting all other means of console recovery such as:

Verifying the physical path to the device

Verifying the control unit the device is attached to

If the device is attached to a channel extender, verifying that the channel extender is in working order

Issuing a VARY OFFLINE command that fails

Issuing a SWITCH CN command that fails.

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