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There has been much work done in documenting the setup of Hercules.  Instead of reproducing it here, I have chosen to provide links to the pages you will need to get Hercules up and running.  There are three steps you will need to perform to get your emulator running.  There is an optional fourth step for those that need CTC communications (Licensed operating systems).

Step 1 CYGWIN is a set of programs, functions, APIs etc that allow to port (more or less easily) Linux based programs (as Hercules) to the windows environment. CYGWIN Installation
Step 2 Install the Hercules emulator.  Hercules Installation
Step 3 Install the Hercules emulator GUI for Windows only (this is optional but makes operation easier) HercGUI Installation
Step 4 Optional install for support of CTC. CTC Support

I know this is very brief on the installation of Hercules but it does provide the points you will need for the full install.  PLEASE read the instructions. 

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