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MVS 3.8J

LNKLST00 -- List of data sets concatenated to SYS1.LINKLIB.

SYS1.LINKLIB,SYS1.CMDLIB,SYS3.LINKLIB                                  00000001

Parameter in IEASYSxx


LNK=(aa,bb, . . .)


  1. You may set up any number of LNKLSTxx members, although no more than 15 libraries may be concatenated to LINKLIB in the life of a single IPL.

  2. Each library can have up to 16 extents.

  3. Any library listed in LNKLST00 or LNKLSTxx is automatically authorized, since LINKLIB is authorized.

  4. LNKLST-name libraries must be cataloged in the system master catalog.


Place on each record a string of data set names separated by commas.

Indicate continuation by placing a comma followed by at least one blank after the last name on a record.

Make sure that the total number of data sets, excluding LINKLIB, contained in all the specified LNKLST members doesn't exceed 15.

If you place the name SYS1.LINKLIB on any record in any LNKLST member, the name will be ignored.

Do not specify the same library more than once in a succession of LNKLSTxx members.  The library will be concatenated as many times as it is listed.



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