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MVS 3.8J
SYS1.PARMLIB by Tommy Sprinkle
Over the years I have retained a hardcopy listing of the SYS1.PARMLIB from the MVS System I maintained as a systems programmer back in 1981.  I have re-entered the SYS1.PARMLIB members and successfully completed an IPL.  A few modifications have been made to as necessary for the environment I am running under Hercules.  The errors in the comments have been retained just as they were in the original SYS1.PARMLIB (just for fun)!  I never thought that I would see these in use again after April 1981.  

I have provided some basis documentation for the MVS Initialization and Tuning Parameters in SYS1.PARMLIB.  This documentation is based on my old OS/VS2 System Programming Library: Initialization and Tuning GC28-0681-3 (April 1978).  I have attempted to summarize the basic information for each PARMLIB member.

COMMND00     Commands issued immediately after initialization.
GTFPARM      Parameters to control GTF when started.
IEAABD00     Default parameters for SYSABEND dumps.
IEAAPF00     Names of authorized program libraries.
IEABLD00     Modules to be placed in a resident BLDL table.
IEADMP00     Default parameters for SYSUDUMP dumps.
IEADMR00     Default parameters for SYSMDUMP dumps.
IEAFIX00     Modules to be fixed in real storage.
IEAIPS00     SRM performance options.
IEALOD00     LPA modules to be placed in real storage.
IEALPA00     Modules to be placed in temporary LPA.
IEAPAK00     Pack List, modules to be loaded between page boundaries.
IEAOPT00     SRM performance options.
IEASYS00     Mother of all all PARMLIB members.
IKJPRM00     TIOC Parameters for TSO/TCAM buffers
IRBMF100     MF/1 options and parameters.
JES2PARM     JES2 parameters. (Comments, but no doc for this member).
LNKLST00     Data sets to be concatenated to SYS1.LINKLIB
MVIKEY00     MSSC control parameters.
PARMTZ       Time Zone constant.
SMFPRM00     SMF options.
TSOKEY00     TSO/VTAM options.
VATLST00     Volume mount and use attribute list.
This information was obtained from Tommy Sprinkle's WEB Site and reproduced with permission. 

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Last updated: August 18, 2001.